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Welcome to U-Coat Technologies

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U-Coat Technologies - Polymer Material Specialist

U-Coat Technologies offers a variety of protective coatings, sealers, and repair materials. We are focused on supporting the general contractor with materials for supporting their daily project needs.

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Check out our products!

U-Coat Technologies offers a variety of products from polymer coating powders to concrete and steel repair materials.

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U-Coat Polymer Powder Applications

Our Polymer Powders can be used to protect both concrete and steel surfaces. Check out the different applications.

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Resimac Repair Applications

Resimac has a range of products for both concrete and steel repair.

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U-Coat Partners

U-Coat Technologies is a proud distributor of Resimac’s line of repair products, as well as a partner to IBIX North America and Holdtight. Together we can provide you with efficient repair products across the concrete, steel, and marine industries.

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Holdtight 102 is a product used as an additive that prevents flash rusting of wet abrasive- and water-blasted metal surfaces.

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Our line of Resimac products is used for the repair and protection of surfaces in the concrete, steel, and marine industries.

Head over to our partner IBIX North America for their Spartacus Powder Coating System, needed for use with PolySteel/Con-GFS Pro17.

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