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U-Coat Technologies

Polymer Material Specialist

U-Coat Technologies is a family-owned and operated business based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. It was founded in 2011 out of necessity to offer a variety of repair materials for the metal and concrete industries such as:

  • Protective coatings for steel/concrete applications in corrosive environments
  • Protective sealers for long term maintenance on stone and concrete structures
  • Repair paste and pre-mixes for quick repairs on concrete or steel surfaces prior to coating application

A lot of our products are organic-based and environmentally friendly with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Our products include Organic Polymer coatings which are suitable for any steel and concrete structure. Most of our products are simple to apply and safe. Our team is knowledgeable and can assist in project know-how, and we offer valued information on the how-to with videos and tutorials.

We are focused on supporting the general contractor with materials for supporting their daily project needs. We offer shipping as well as pick-up from our shop location. Be sure to check out our polymer application equipment and blasting systems sold through our associated partner IBIX North America LLC.

U-Coat Technologies Partners


Founder Robert Langhans

I was born and raised in Canada and in 1987 graduated from Fanshaw College in London, Ontario with a Business Degree in Marketing. Later on, I had the opportunity to move overseas and continue my education with a degree in Economics and Business at a University in Muenster Germany.

While in Germany, I worked for a company specializing in PE Polymers for heavy-duty lining applications. 2 years of hands-on lab training working with various material compounds and formulas gave me a broader perspective and allowed for better support to contractors with in-depth knowledge. As Export Manager, I further had the opportunity to expand my personal growth while being responsible for rebuilding and restructuring the Polymer Division, expanding production efficiency and manpower.

Continuous expansion building relationships with United States firms led to a solid partnership with a Florida-based firm called TSE in 2003 which led our family to move to Florida. This partnership opportunity as Managing Director heading up a brand-new German-USA Joint Venture Division for specialty PE polymers, used for heavy-duty applications, expanded the overall revenue, and brought technical expertise to Clearwater FL. In 2010, I decided it was time to venture on and build a family-owned specialty company to service contractors in America with unique blends of specialty protective and repair products into the marine, pipeline, and building maintenance markets. The experience I have gained in Europe, as well as SA, on larger job sites, and working hand-in-hand with applicators have rounded out my knowledge of coating materials and processes to confidently make a difference in the growing field of specialty polymers.

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