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Marine Repair Materials

604/605/606/608 Resimac Marine Repair Kits 1-4

Resimac Marine Repair Kits 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been designed to be used onboard vessels and allow the user to perform a wide range of repairs to leaking pipes, tanks, pumps, and process equipment. The kits contain a wide range of epoxy metal repair pastes and fluids that are capable of rebuilding metallic surfaces subject to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, and impact. The kits are packed in heavy-duty toolboxes and contain all the accessories required to perform a successful application.

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601/602 Resimac Marine Repair Kits A & C

Resimac Marine A & C kits are epoxy resin and GRP/ glass fibre based repair kits designed for encapsulating and sealing problem pipework onboard vessels. The marine kits use an innovative epoxy gel which is then used in conjunction with tightly woven glass fibre tape to create a strong flexible layer of GRP/ glass fibre around pipes ranging from 25mm/1” to 1050mm/42” diameter. The system requires minimal surface preparation and is solvent-free, therefore making it suitable for confined space applications.

Marine Kits A/C Brochure

603 Resimac Lifeboat Repair Kit

The Resimac Lifeboat repair kit provides long-term waterproof repairs to GRP/ glass fibre surfaces. The strong and versatile epoxy resin system gives excellent mechanical adhesion even on surfaces with minimal surface preparation. The kit contains all the accessories needed to perform repairs to hairline fractures, cracks & holes. The 603 LifeBoat Repair kit is capable of performing up to 2 resurfacing or rebuilding repairs to GRP/ glass fibre surfaces.

Lifeboat Repair Kit Brochure

Concrete and Steel Repair Materials

UR-101 Metal Repair Paste
UR-103 Metal Repair Stick
UR-104 Metal Repair Stick XF
UR-105 Aqua Stick
UR-108 Emergency Pipe Wrap
UR-201 Ceramic Repair Paste
UR-202 Ceramic Repair Fluid
UR-204 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair Paste
UR-501 Resichem CRSG
UR-561 Thermal Barrier Activator
UR-570 Concrete Repair XF
UR-571 Concrete Patch Repair Activator
UR-576 Quartz Screed


Powder Coating

Organic Sealants

U- Seal 1000

Complimentary Products

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