Resimac 104 Metal Repair Paste XF


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Resimac’s 104 Metal Repair Paste XF is a two-component solvent-free, fast-curing, epoxy repair fluid. The product has been designed to be applied to surfaces where only manual or mechanical surface preparation can be performed and to surfaces contaminated with low viscosity oils and lubricants.


  • ​Solvent-free epoxy technology
  • ​Brush or applicator tool applied
  • Apply to manually prepared surfaces
  • Apply to oil-contaminated surfaces
  • Fast cure – hard dry in 45 minutes
  • Approved by NWEL for onsite transformer repairs


  • ​Leaking pipe joints
  • Leaking tank seams
  • Transformer repairs
  • Leaking flange fittings
  • Anti-slip coating for metal decks and stairs
  • Resurfacing of corroded steel plates

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