Gladiator Spear Thermal Flame Spray System

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The Gladiator Spear Thermal Flame Spray System caters to on-site coating needs for concrete, steel, and pipelines. This lightweight unit proves its versatility, seamlessly adapting to both single operator and automated system usage. With its exceptional coating capabilities, it outshines other options in corrosive environments like chemical plants, industrial facilities, and water treatment plants where conventional coatings fall short. By utilizing the cutting-edge technology of applying polymers, the Gladiator Spear imparts a flexible coating that withstands the challenges of chemicals, salt, chipping, and cracking. Furthermore, its UV stability ensures reliable performance even in outdoor applications, while its quick curing time of mere seconds adds to its overall durability.


Water/waste containment tanks
Power plants
Chemical plants
Mining facilities

Factory floors
Steel structures
Manufacturing equipment
Roof top maintenance
Food and pharmaceutical industries 

Port structures
Vessel maintenance
Pleasure crafts
Salt water applications

Street signs
City waste

Salt mines
Oil & gas refineries
Power stations

Highway signage

Additional information

Weight 245 lbs
System Includes

Medium Application Gun with Pistol Grip


200-300 sq. ft./hour

Flame Spray Powder Quantity:

3.15 kg