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Resimac Marine Repair Applications

For Resimac marine repairs, ceramic enhanced coatings and engineering repair materials can be used to rebuild, resurface and protect metallic surfaces subject to cavitation, bimetallic corrosion, and abrasion.

Resimac abrasion and wear-resistant materials and coatings have a proven track record within the industry and are designed to be applied to process equipment and structures in the most demanding of operating environments. The ceramic enhanced product range is based on the latest solvent-free epoxy technology and is ideally suited to rebuilding & resurfacing equipment and components. Resimac underwater coating and marine repair materials are proven to seal and protect metallic and concrete substrates submerged in saltwater environments. The products they offer are based on the latest solvent-free epoxy resin technology and can be applied to manual, mechanical, and hydro-blasted surfaces.

Resimac marine coatings protect:

  • A-frames
  • P-brackets
  • Rudders
  • Bow thrusters
  • Kort nozzles
  • Jet tubes
  • Voith units


  • Solvent-free technology
  • Filled with hardened ceramic particles
  • Applied by brush or roller
  • Proven to protect key assets
  • Ideal for extreme abrasive environments

Marine Applications

Fluid Abrasion

Resimac manufactures a range of abrasion & wear-resistant materials suitable for repairs to equipment subject to fluid erosion & corrosion. The products can rebuild damaged surfaces and then protect the repair surface from further wear & abrasion

Download Fluid Abrasion Brochure

Marine Repair Kits 1-4Designed to be used onboard vessels and allow the user to perform a wide range of repairs to leaking pipes, tanks, pumps, and process equipment.
Marine Repair Kits A & CEpoxy resin and GRP/ glass fiber-based repair kits designed for encapsulating and sealing problem pipework onboard vessels
603 Lifeboat Repair KitProvides long term waterproof repairs to GRP/ glass fiber surfaces

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