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Resimac Repair Applications for Steel

Resimac Metal Repair Systems are ideal for rebuilding and resurfacing worn or badly damaged mechanical equipment and components. The product range includes various grades of product to suit the numerous repairs faced by engineers. The metal repair products can be easily machined down to fine tolerances for close-fitting components.

  • Repair damaged keyways
  • Repair bearing housings
  • Seal leaking tank seams
  • Scored hydraulic rams
  • Rebuild worn drive shafts
  • Cracked engine blocks
  • Rebuild valve and pump casings
  • Bond metal to metal
  • Reform flange faces


Anti Slip Floor Coating

floor resurfacing​Resimac anti-slip coatings have been used to ensure a safe working environment on thousands of square meters of marine decks and factory floors. Our wide range of floor coatings are proven to offer outstanding durability from foot, forklift, and heavy construction traffic. The coating systems are easy to apply and are based on the latest solvent-free epoxy and polyurethane coating technology.

Download Anti Slip Floor Coating Brochure

Corrosion Protection

corrosion protectionResimac corrosion protection products are based on acrylic, epoxy, and polyurethane resin systems. Depending on the type of surface preparation allowed on-site, our coating systems are capable of giving 25 years + protection from UV degradation or weathering. Whether it is manual surface preparation, ultra high-pressure water blasting, or abrasive blast cleaning our diverse range of coatings offer practical long-term solutions to the external corrosion of metallic and concrete surfaces.

Download Corrosion Protection Brochure

Corrosion Under Insulation Prevention

corrosion under insulationResimac manufactures and supplies a range of epoxy and silicon coatings specifically developed to combat corrosion under insulation. The versatility of our product range allows users to apply one of our CUI coatings to online and offline process systems and will give long-term corrosion protection at temperatures up to 500C.

Download Corrosion Under Insulation Prevention Brochure

Extreme Wear and Impact Protection

abrasion exampleResimac extreme wear & impact-resistant materials and coatings can be used to protect metallic and concrete surfaces subject to severe erosion from high particulate fluids, slurries, and aggregates. Our products are proven to reduce abrasive wear and extend the working life of critical process equipment, components, and production assets.

Download Extreme Wear and Impact Protection Brochure

Chemical Tank/ Vessel Lining

chemical tank vessel

Resimac Tank Lining coatings offer outstanding chemical resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals. The Resimac chemical protection coating range is based on the latest solvent-free epoxy, epoxy novalac, and polyurethane technology. Our product range can be applied to metallic and concrete surfaces to give long-term chemical protection against a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals.

Download Chemical Tank/ Vessel Lining Brochure

Filter Lining and Repair

filter liningBy using Resimac ceramic enhanced coatings and repair materials the internal surfaces of filters can be rebuilt and protected from further erosion and corrosion.

Epoxy technology
Filled with hardened ceramic particles
Excellent abrasion and cavitation resistance
Solvent-free technology
Simple and easy to apply
Proven long term asset protection

Our ceramic enhanced coatings and repair materials have been used in the marine, power, chemical, oil, and gas industries are capable of long-term protection against chemicals & seawater even at elevated temperatures.

More Information on Filter Lining and Repair 

Pump Repair Solutions

pump repairResimac manufactures an extensive range of pump repair and pump lining materials.

​Epoxy & Polyurethane technology
WRAS (UK) approved for drinking water
Excellent abrasion and cavitation resistance
Solvent-free technology
Simple and easy to apply
Long term asset protection

Our pump repair and lining materials are proven to protect metallic surfaces from sea, river, drinking, and wastewater, as well as giving excellent resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals.

More Information on Pump Repair Solutions

Pipe Repair and Encapsulation Solutions

pipe repairResimac Pipe wrap and pipe repair systems have been used to repair and encapsulate 1000's of meters of industrial and marine pipework. Our pipe encapsulation systems can be applied to a wide range of substrates and are proven as a long-term repair.

​Solvent-free technology
Emergency fast curing system
Long term protection
High-pressure resistance​ (300psi)
Excellent chemical resistanceSimple and easy to use

Resimac pipe wrap and pipe repair systems ensure rapid turnaround for leaking process lines and will give

More Information on Pipe Repair and Encapsulation Solutions

Heat Exchanger Repair Solutions

heat exchangerResimac offers an extensive range of epoxy-based metal repair materials and ceramic coatings designed to repair and protect heat exchangers from erosion and corrosion.

Solvent-free technology
High build capability
Proven erosion and corrosion resistance
Hardened ceramic fillers in each product
Suitable for elevated temperature immersion (130C)

Using the Resimac metal repair materials and ceramic coatings allows the user to perform rapid in situ repairs without the need for any hot works.

More Information on Heat Exchanger Repair Solutions

High Temperature Coatings

heat protectionResimac high-temperature-resistant coatings and materials are based on the latest epoxy novolac & silicon resin technology. Our materials have been designed to be applied to hydro blasted or abrasive blast cleaned surfaces.

External tank surfaces
Heat exchangers
Process vessels
External surfaces subject to CUI
Pumps & process lines

Download High-Temperature Coatings Brochure

HVAC Repair and Lining Solutions

hvacHVAC systems are subject to erosion and corrosion and require coatings that can withstand aggressive operating environments. Resimac materials are used to rebuild and resurface cooling towers, condensers, air handlers, and fans reinstating badly eroded surfaces and protecting them from any further corrosion.

More Information on HVAC Repair and Lining Solutions

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