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Resimac Concrete Repair Applications

Resimac has a diverse range of concrete repair materials that can reinstate badly damaged cementitious surfaces and protect them from further wear and abrasion. Our product range covers fast curing patch repair materials, lightweight screeds and polymer modified cementitious screeds to eradicate damp and the ingress of moisture. Can be used to protect ceilings, coving, expansion joints, floors, lintels, ramps, sills, steps, walls, etc.

  • Fast curing, self priming patch repair
  • Lightweight screed for overhead sills and lintels
  • Heavy duty trowel applied screed for industrial surfaces
  • Chemical resistant screed for acids and solvents
  • Polymer modified screed resisting 140psi negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Fast curing plug for sealing live leaks
  • Flexible, pourable expansion joint filler
  • Reinstate damaged concrete structures
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Suitable for chemical process and high traffic
  • areas
  • Stop moisture ingress and damp
  • Stop live leaks in concrete structures
  • Simple and easy to apply systems
  • Reduced application costs
Resimac Concrete example

Concrete Applications

Anti Slip Floor Coating

Anti Slip Header

Resimac anti-slip coatings have been used to ensure a safe working environment on thousands of square meters of marine decks and factory floors. Our wide range of floor coatings is proven to offer outstanding durability from foot, forklift, and heavy construction traffic. The coating systems are easy to apply and are based on the latest solvent-free epoxy and polyurethane coating technology.

Products Include:

Download Anti Slip Floor Coating Brochure

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection Header

Resimac corrosion protection products are based on acrylic, epoxy, and polyurethane resin systems. Depending on the type of surface preparation allowed on-site, our coating systems are capable of giving 25 years + protection from UV degradation or weathering. Whether it is manual surface preparation, ultra high-pressure water blasting or abrasive blast cleaning our diverse range of coatings offer practical long-term solutions to the external corrosion of metallic and concrete surfaces.

Products Include:

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Primers Application Header

Our range of primers allows the user to coat damp, porous or newly laid cementitious surfaces, or prime manually or mechanically prepared metallic surfaces. Our primers can be overcoated using any chemical or corrosion protection coating in the Resimac range.

Primer Products:

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Waterproofing Application Header

Our range of single-component waterproofing materials is able to seal virtually any surface with a strong, flexible membrane to give long-term protection from UV degradation and weathering.​The Resimac range of waterproofing materials includes water-based acrylic, solvent-based acrylic & solvent-based polyurethane coatings.

Products Include:

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Concrete Repair Product Range

104 M.R.F XFFast curing, solvent-free epoxy fluid for coating manually prepared oily surfaces
501 SeriesHigh build, solvent-free epoxy coating for metallic and concrete surfaces for aqueous-based industrial chemicals
503 SeriesLow viscosity penetrating epoxy primer for concrete surfaces
505 Damp SealLow viscosity epoxy primer for newly laid or damp concrete surfaces
506 AluprimeThin-film, solvent-based epoxy primer for manually or mechanically prepared metallic surfaces
507 DWPUHigh build, flexible, solvent-free polyurethane coating
511 UCENHigh build, solvent-free epoxy novolac coating with excellent chemical resistance
550 WR MembraneWater-based acrylic membrane system for concrete and porous surfaces
555 ResinoxWater-based UV stable acrylic membrane
570 Con. Patch Repair XFFast curing repair mortar for quick repairs
571 Concrete Repair LWLightweight repair mortar for repairs to overhead and vertical concrete surfaces
576 Quartz ScreedHeavy-duty epoxy screed applied to damaged industrial floor surfaces

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