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Steel Industry

Steel repair is a specialized industry that can save a ton of money if you use the right equipment. Click below to find information about the steel applications for both our U-Coat Polymer Powders and Resimac’s repair materials. Not sure which products you need? Head over to our Technical Information and Updates page for more in-depth info on our products and their uses.

U-Coat is a global supplier of PolySteel, thermoplastic coating powder approved for contact with potable and wastewater. PolySteel is harmless, free of all bisphenol, VOCs, or halogens, and does not contain any PVC nor plasticizers.

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Resimac Steel Industry Repair Systems are ideal for rebuilding and resurfacing worn or badly damaged mechanical equipment and components. The metal repair products can be easily machined down to fine tolerances for close-fitting components.

Steel industry example
Flame spray application
Steel industry example
Flame spray application of our polymer powder
Steel industry example
Steel repair coating
pipeline plumbing
Steel Pipes
coating example
Polymer powder coating
Resimac Marine Repair Image
Rudder repair application

Suggested Steel Industry Products

101 Metal Repair PasteHigh build engineering-grade repair paste
103 Metal Repair StickFast curing putty for emergency repairs
104 Metal Repair Fluid XFFast curing fluid for application to oily surfaces
105 Aqua StickFast curing putty for underwater repairs
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