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U-Coat Polymer Powder Applications for Concrete

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Polymer powder applications for use with PolySteel/Con-GFS Pro17 or PolyAqua

Concrete is a complex material that breaks down when exposed to normal environmental conditions. At the casting stage, concrete is sensitive to climatic changes and absorbs gases present in the atmosphere. Additionally, It should not be overlooked that concrete “breathes”. Therefore, it expands and shrinks with seasonable moisture and temperature variations. As a result, this often causes cracking problems. Other negative characteristics of concrete are a non-uniform, changing surface, as well as the typical porousness of the finished body. PolyCon polymer powder applications can provide a long-lasting friction micro-overlay that can restore old pavements to new friction standards. Additionally, it can provide new asphalt surfaces with friction and wear. For example, this is done through the integration of properly graded aggregates into the surface material. PolyCon is made of specially sized aggregate, enriched composite powder, and polymers.

PolyCon-GFS Pro 17 will not work without first applying Damp Seal
Flame Spray Coater needed for application sold at IBIXUSA.COM

Key Benefits of PolySteel Powder

  • Certified for contact with drinking water in several countries (info. upon request)
  • BPA free coating
  • Suitable for internal and external surfaces
  • Impermeable barrier, even in case of permanent immersion or condensation
  • Smooth low friction surface prevents biomass build up and ensures high flow rates
  • No curing process required
  • Lightweight material reduces pipe handling and installation costs
  • High flexibility ensures that the coating will not chip, crack, flake or fracture
  • High reverse impact resistance
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Damaged coating is easy to repair
  • Proven solution for more than 15 years

Market Requirements

  • Controlled, tested and certified products
  • Preserved water quality
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Durable adhesion direct to steel
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance by waste water slurries
  • Impact resistance preventing handling damage
  • Easy to repair


  • Restore old pavements
  • Provide asphalt surfaces with friction
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Pool surface coatings
  • Food freezer protective coating

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