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U-Coat Organic Sealant

U-Seal 1000

u seal 1000

U-Seal 1000 is an environmentally friendly technology for sealing porous surfaces. May be applied using a low-pressure spray, brush, or roller.

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VOC Free
Ideal for waterproofing
Allows surface to breathe
Prevents water and oil Ingress
Reduces maintenance and costs
It prevents water and oil infiltration
Improves the thermal insulation value
Will not change the appearance of the surface
Prevents airborne dirt and stains from adhering
Prevents surfaces from deteriorating through “Freeze/Thaw” cycles
UV resistant
Will remain breathable
Environmentally Friendly
Use on Interior and Exterior
B.B.A. Approved and CE Marked
Use on Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces
Is suitable for ground surfaces with high levels of foot traffic
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