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Waterproofing Primers

Our range of single-component waterproofing materials is able to seal virtually any surface with a strong, flexible membrane to give long-term protection from UV degradation and weathering. The Resimac range of waterproofing materials includes water-based acrylic, solvent-based acrylic & solvent-based polyurethane coatings.

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550 WR Membrane

Resimac’s 550 WR Membrane is a water-based acrylic membrane designed to give long-term flexible waterproof protection to roofs, gutters, tank bases, tank roofs, and GRP structures. The coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including mineral felt, concrete, GRP, metal, and cement-based sheeting. Once cured it will give a seamless, UV stable, flexible finish to any roof surface.

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Excellent flexibility and elongation
High build capability in a single coat
Versatile application: brush, roller, or spray
Cost-effective solution
Long term waterproofing protection
10-15 years of protection on roof surfaces
Typical Applications:
GRP Structures
Tank bases & roofs
Roof surfaces & gutters
Technical Data
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