U-505 Resimac Damp Seal Base and Activator Package


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U-505 Resimac Damp Seal is a low viscosity solvent-free epoxy primer designed to seal and consolidate green or wet concrete and cementitious surfaces. The coating penetrates deep into the concrete surfaces to ensure high mechanical adhesion. This product can be used to seal newly laid concrete and can be overcoated by any of the Resimac Chemical and Corrosion Protection coatings.

Base + Activator = Coating sealer


  • Penetrates deep into the concrete surface
  • Ensures high mechanical adhesion with Resimac chemical & corrosion top-coats
  • Cures at temperatures as low as 10˚C (50˚F)
  • Solvent-free epoxy technology
  • Designed for damp surfaces
  • Apply to concrete with high moisture content
  • Seals and prevents further ingress of moisture
  • Apply by brush, roller, or standard airless spray
  • Consolidates and seals porous surfaces
  • Improves adhesion of epoxy or PU topcoats
  • Tolerant of less than ideal surface preparation

U-505 Resimac Damp Seal Applications:

  • Seal concrete surfaces
  • Floors
  • Ramps
  • Steps
  • Use with glass fiber fabrics for reinforcement

Used with the PolySteel/Con-GFS Pro17  or PolyAqua coating powder

U-505 Resimac Damp Seal Documentation

Base Safety Data Sheet

Activator Safety Data Sheet

Quick Application Guide

Technical Data Sheet

Product Specification

Primer Info

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